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BABCOR Packaging (which stands for Bags And Boxes CORporation) was started in 1988 by Jeff Holmes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After purchasing a hundred year old, 7 story warehouse on the North Shore in Pittsburgh, Jeff started pounding the pavement, picking up clients in the region, and delivering the product himself.

Now, 30 years later, BABCOR Packaging can boast both large National and local Pittsburgh accounts, a full staff, and multiple warehouses. Our business grows every year, but our full commitment to our customers and service remains at the highest level possible.

The BABCOR Difference

Personal Service

The main difference in partnering with BABCOR Packaging compared to someone else you might find online is our level of service. We don't rush through orders to get more branded packaging deals, we take our time to figure out what our clients really need and what really works for them.

Our goal is to be a partner for your business. You have (or are) someone who handles your marketing, social media, accounting etc. We want to be considered the person who handles your packaging.

Honest Feedback

It's not uncommon for us to pass on a client because we're not the right fit. Once we're sure that we're going to be the right partner for you, you'll have an open line of communication not only to your packaging consultant, but to our company as a whole.

"We'd rather not sell anything than sell something that disappoints a client."

Real People

We're people in a real building able to take calls directly from our customers. No call centers, no forced web transactions, no hiding behind a corporate identity.