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Apparel Boxes (also called clothing boxes) are pre-glued, lightweight, paperboard boxes generally used by the clothing and apparel industries. Most large, chain or department stores have stopped going the extra mile with apparel boxes to package your purchases and generally just lay them in a plastic bag. Apparel boxes can help your shop stand out from other stores, and they add value to your products. They can help to create that 'unboxing experience' for your customers, and also add an upscale appearance that just isn't that common anymore. The pre-glued corners allow for the box to easily "pop-up" when assembling in a just a few seconds, making it easy to store and box up items at a checkout counter in a clothing boutique or gift shop. Flat packing the folded boxes inside the case allows for a smaller footprint (lower shipping charges) and easier storage. Ideal use: clothing or lighter items. Heavier items could cause the box to warp or easily separate.